Science Museum

We spent Memorial Day at our local science museum, OMSI.

Dinosaur fossils were a fun hit with little and big boys alike. 😉


The feel of the science lab took me back to highschool biology class.

Lovey checked out all the creatures; lizards, mice and insects. His favorite of course, being the “fishies.”

 I thought this little guy was pretty cute hanging out in his hammock. 🙂

Petting a Bald Eagle.

Mister Mister and Fred.

Lovey chose a book and we got comfy in story corner to read it together.

I would venture to say that Mister Mister’s favorite part of our visit to the museum was when we were on tv…pretend tv that is. There was a green screen that you could stand in front of and pretend to be a Meteorologist and tape a local weather segment.

Mister Mister was a pro! 🙂

On the other hand, I apparently am not destined to do anything that requires standing in front of a camera. I had no clue where to look or point and was slightly disoriented by the bright lights haha. Lovey’s and my broadcast was deserving of being on a blooper reel. We still had a blast none the less!

 We got an up close look at Mars.

And splashed around in the water park.

It was reminiscent of our trip to The Children’s Museum.

There was a giant table of interlocking building blocks which was a lot of fun.

 Nature unleashed: inside natures natural disasters was really interesting. It showed the devastation of natural disasters like tornados, flooding, earthquakes and fires. There was a simulator that put us in the eye of a tornado. Mother Nature is truly amazing. 

Inside the “earthquake house.” Blurry group shot, still taking photos even during an earthquake, now that’s dedication! 😉

You could choose the magnitude of the earthquake you were experiencing.

 Lovey turned it all.the.way.up!

Can you hear me now?!

Check out this giant ear.

Before heading to lunch, Lovey gave a small-scale recycling model a try. He learned what happens to the paper and plastic that we put in our recycling can .

  We ate at Bon Appetite, inside of OMSI.

Much of the museum is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Letting in an abundance of natural light and allowing for beautiful views of the river.

After lunch we spent the rest of our time at the museum at the science playground for children 5 and under.

 The boys made rubber band boats.


Lovey hung out with a monkey.

 He learned how pulley systems work.

We played cars.

Climbed a few funky colored stairs.

We built a replica of the Catenary Arch.

A nice little boy came along and helped us finish building it.

We rounded the day out, right up to closing time, in the in the Inventor’s Ball room.

 By far Lovey’s favorite!

 Lovey barely made it the walk back to our car…

… then he was out cold in his car seat for the drive back home.

Believe it or not, we barely scratched the surface of the things to do, see and learn there. We can’t wait to go back and experience the rest.

Another check on my Year Of Lovely Things List!


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