Father’s Day

We had a lot of fun celebrating Father’s Day this year.

In the morning Mister Mister opened his gifts from Lovey and I.

We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and spent some time at the mall.

In the afternoon we headed to Chuck E. Cheese to play games and eat pizza.

I love when Mister Mister’s inner child comes out and he is fully engaged in playing with Lovey. They played together up in the jungle gym and all. 🙂

 As usual, their favorite game to play together there is driving race cars. Doesn’t Lovey look super comfortable?! 😉

Mister Mister and I had some friendly competition going on playing basketball. I never knew I enjoyed shooting hoops so much. I paid for it the next day though when my arms felt like limp noodles, quite a workout. It was so much fun though and at one point Mister Mister was only two points away from breaking the games high score. Combined, we ended up with 414 tickets by the time we were done. We felt quite proud of ourselves. 😉

That evening we cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed a piece of Oreo ice cream cake I made ordered from Baskin Robins. 😉 I know, I cheated and didn’t make a cake myself but I couldn’t resist, it looked too delicious to pass up and it was!

 Lovey and I are so very thankful for Mister Mister.

He is such a hard-working man, a wonderful provider for our family and a loving Father and mate. He means so much to us, we love him and was glad to have spent such a nice Father’s Day with him.


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