Celebrating Differences

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap.”

My little sister’s birthday is this week. This year she is really into the colors pink and black and “rock & roll/punk” skulls. I knew I wanted the birthday package I sent her to incorporate all three. Although skulls are not really my thing at all ,I knew if I gave them a girly twist I might actually not mind them as much like them!

I love how her gifts ended up looking with the bright pink and black ribbon bows I made for them. The little skull purse served two purposes, it was so cute it didn’t need wrapping and it doubled as wrapping for another gift.

I made a Happy Birthday sign and put it into a black frame without the glass to sit out on her birthday for friends and family to write wishes that she could keep forever. Keeping with the color theme, girls sign with a pink sharpie and boys with a black. Of course Mister Mister, Lovey and I wrote her birthday love at the top before sending it her way!

Normally I make birthday cookies but this year I decided to make birthday cupcakes instead and I’m glad I did because I knew she would love these.

Chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate drizzle center and chocolate buttercream frosting. I covered them with fondant to keep the frosting in tact during travel and to give a clean canvas for the icing skulls. As I said, skulls really do not interest me, in all honesty they actually creep me out! Once I added the pink fondant bows though I thought they looked much less creepy 😉 more like happier, friendlier little skulls which is definitely what I was going for!

I placed each one in a half sized clear solo cup, dropped it into a clear bag and tied with more pink and black ribbon. All aiding in their safe travel and making each guest feel a little extra special with their own individual cupcake.

Oh, little sister how very different we are in so many ways! 🙂

 In all the ways that truly count though we always meet on common ground.

 I will always encourage you.

I will always believe in you.

I will always stand by you.

I will always celebrate our differences and try to use them to bring us closer together rather than apart.

Above all else I will always love you.

Sisters are for always.

Happy Birthday little sister. ♥


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