Snow Quickie

Early Thursday morning we received a few inches of snow. It was enough to blanket our neighborhood and add a wintery depth to anything that was within its reach.

As soon as Lovey awoke he ran to the window and excitedly exclaimed “Snow Mama! Look, Snow!”

He asked if we could go outside and play in it. We had a busy morning ahead of us and were due at church for our M2M group in a little over an hour but I couldn’t say no to a snow quickie with my little guy. I always think to my self that sometimes it’s the most impromptu situations that produce the best memories and I surely wasn’t going to pass up that possibility. So we bundled up and headed out to the back yard.

We had a snow clump fight. Since Lovey couldn’t form uniformed snow balls he improvised with snow clumps. He chased me around throwing them until he grew tired and his breathing became heavy, visibly catching in the freezing air as it escaped his mouth.

He was insistent on building a snow man which I would have loved nothing more than to have done with him but we were running short on time so he settled for making a snow angel instead before we had to leave.

By the time we arrived back home heavy rains had washed almost every last bit of the snow away.

Lovey once again rushed to the window but this time questioningly announced “Snow all gone, Mama!”

Indeed it was and it is not due back again until next winter so I was glad that we had the chance to spend a little time enjoying it together before it was gone.


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