Cherry Brownie Bites

As Valentine’s Day approaches I have began to once again see the world in shades of white, pink and red, oh my!

Que all things heart-shaped…

{ & let the baking begin!}

 I baked brownies in mini heart-shaped silicone molds. Once they cooled, I poked several holes into them with a tooth pick and drizzled a tablespoon of maraschino cherry juice over each one. Very similar to the

Cherry Surprise Cake

I made a while back. It made them extra moist and added that wonderful cherry flavor.

Next, I dipped them into melted white chocolate and coated them in Valentine colored sprinkles.

You know how I love my sprinkles!


 I wrapped each up individually and tied it with a pretty pink curling ribbon.

In a house with only boys, I revel in any opportunity to embellish with shades of pink. 😉

The first of many sweets for all of my

{ Valentine’s Day sweets!}


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