This Week

This week has mainly been spent concentrating on getting Lovey over a case of the sickies which hit the poor little guy out of nowhere, complete with 103 degree fever induced delirium at one point.

Frightening for Mister Mister and I as this was Lovey’s first time being so sick and just plain miserable for him. All the while though he still maintained his composer enough to use his manners and say; “no thank you, mama” when I would attempt to give him a dose of children’s Tylenol.

 Always me sweet boy. Always.

Lots of love, prayer, patience, cartoon watching and Vicks VapoRub later and he is thankfully, almost as good as new. Well enough to get his appetite back, his sense of humor and the itch to play cars with me as we watched the rain fall outside the window.

He counted the cars 1,2,3,4,5.

And told me his favorite, the red one!

Tuesday we had a big snow storm. It came fast and furious leaving us with eight inches. The most snow I have seen all at once or combined in total even, since moving here two and a half years ago. It moved in around 9pm but was washed away by heavy rains by the next afternoon, which have yet to let up. When Mister Mister arrived home from work in Wednesday’s early morning hours he and I headed outside to build a snowman or two. I’m sure we looked completely ridiculous to anyone in the neighborhood that was watching the snow fall out their windows but we didn’t care. We had so much fun and enjoyed that bit of carefree time spent with one another. The plan was to take Lovey out to play in it the next morning. I had his snow outfit laid out in advance and a lovely snowman and snow angel on my to do list. But when morning came Lovey was far too sick and we didn’t want to risk causing him to become any more so.

So unfortunately Lovey didn’t get to have any snow fun this time around.

There will be many more snows to come that we will enjoy and savor with him though.

For now we are just glad to once again have our little boy back to his healthy, happy self because oh how we have missed his smile. ♥


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