Gingerbread Aprons And Baking With Lovey

Lovey enjoys being my little helper in the kitchen when I am baking or cooking but especially baking. He always says “Mama make cookies?!” Because of this Santa may be bringing a certain little someone a play kitchen for Christmas this year, but you didn’t hear that from me. 😉

When I came across an adult and child make your own gingerbread aprons in last years after Christmas sales I snagged them up knowing they would be perfect to make and wear with Lovey the upcoming Christmas and hopefully many more Christmas’s there after.

My cute little gingerbread boy!

The first order of baking business once the aprons were finished was to make gingerbread cookies, it only seemed fitting. So we made gingerbread ‘people.’

Lovey really threw himself into his work!


Our day was filled not just with sweet cookies but sweet memories to last a lifetime. ♥


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