Technical Difficulties

Oh the technical difficulties that have arisen in this last week! Needless to say they have taken a toll on my blogging regularity which definitely calls for a sad face. 😦

I had some lovely fall inspired posts planned but since my photos have not been accessible they have been a no go.

I will hopefully be getting everything situated again asap and will  hop right back up on the blogging saddle again with Thanksgiving related posts; think crafts and cookies and cards oh my!

As for those fall posts that have fallen to the waist side maybe I can fit them in the last bit of November, I promise you will like them.

For now though I will leave you with a photo of my sweet little Lovey, bundled up all snuggly warm on a very cold morning on our way to M2M church group or as he calls it “go bye-bye in the car and PLAYYYY!”

 The caption that comes to mind when I see this photo is baby it’s cold outside♥

Talk to you all again soon… fingers crossed!! 😉



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