Spider Halloween Craft-Tutorial

With one week left until Halloween it’s time to switch into Halloween mode and get some things ready for it.

The first item of business was Lovey’s Halloween craft.What we used to make it;As soon as I told him we were going to do a craft he hopped up at the dining table and was ready to get to it!

I wonder where he gets his crafty enthusiasm from?!I traced his hands and cut them out, minus the thumbs since spiders only have eight legs.Then I glued the two hands together to form the spider’s body and Lovey attached its eyes.I cut a piece of medium length black ribbon so that the spider could be hung up.

I tied smaller pieces of orange ribbon around it to give it a more festive look.Lovey and his spider, I think we may call him… Spidey the spider. 🙂And like all great works of art 😉 to the refrigerator Spidey went to be displayed for all to see!


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