The River Runs Through Us

Yesterday Mister Mister took Lovey and I to the River Runs Through Us Art Exhibit that was being held at his work.

It is a uniquely beautiful glimpse into the essence of the people and industries of the

working waterfront community.

We took a jet boat tour around the harbor.

We enjoyed beautiful views of the river and learned interesting facts from the tour captain about the ships that dock at the harborand the industry in which Mister Mister works.

Lovey held on tight as the boat’s speed increased. 🙂

He did well the entire tour even when the water splashed the sides of the boat causing him to get sprayed, he still kept a smile on.

After that we grabbed some ice-cream– yes, we are a ice-cream loving family even on cloudy rainy days like it was! 😉 — and Mister Mister took us on a more personal tour of the ship yard .

Below, I snapped a photo of the boys in front of the Betsy Arntz Barge which Mister Mister helped to build from the ground up! And is only a few weeks away from completion.

It will then be ready to be taken off  dry dock

 and hit the water.


If you are a bit unsure what I was talking about above, with words like barge and dry dock you are not alone, to tell you the truth I barely understand what I just told you!!

 I may not always completely understand what it is that Mister Mister heads off to do at work each day when he kisses Lovey and I goodbye but there certainly are a few things after spending time there with him yesterday that I now do understand to the fullest…

That Mister Mister truly is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. Accompanied only by my Daddy and big brother A all of whom have my utmost respect for their unwavering work ethics.

He puts his heart into what he does

 and is proud of his work.

And I in turn am so very proud of him!

I am thankful that he loves Lovey and I and the family that we have together

to work so very hard to take care of and sustain us.

Thank you Mister Mister, my love, not just for an enjoyable day together or even just for working as hard as you do but thank you for all you are and all that you do.

Lovey and I love you always & forever!!


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