Happy Fall, Y’all!

Lovey's fisrt Fall 2009!

Happy first day of Fall, everyone! Where ever Paula Dean is at today, I picture her saying “Happy Fall, y’all!!” 🙂 It’s not feeling quite like Fall here yet, we are still enjoying t-shirts and shorts weather. Soon enough though Fall will arrive in all of its glory. By the end of the month the lush green leaves will begin to change to rich shades of gold, orange and red which I always think is such a breath-taking sight. I’m in love all over again each year with Falls color palate. Then soon there after they will transform one final time for the year; into shades of lite and then dark brown after they have fallen from their homes high atop the trees branches to the ground below. Eventually turning to dust that the Winter Winds will blow away. Fall always seems like the shortest of the seasons, most likely in part because there is so much going on during its time with us. Halloween, Thanksgiving and ushering in Christmas right before it succumbs to Jack Frost. Even so, it is probably my most favorite of the season — though I think I feel that way about every season as it approaches 😉 — so I try to savor every moment of it; like pumpkin pie, furry boots and pretty scarves, sitting by the fireplace at the end of the day collecting my thoughts. I’m excited that this year Lovey can do more than just sit among the colorful leaves but run and jump and play in them! I am excited for so many things this season and I am praying that it will be a blessed one!

In every season, there is a reason to rejoice and an opportunity to do good. Ecclesiastes 3:12


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