Lovey Moments

This Moment, these are the things about Lovey that;

make me the happiest,

cause my heart to melt

and bring a smile to my face.

Moments that I do not want to ever forget…


~How he thinks that EVERYTHING needs new batteries

~That he knows his entire alphabet A-Z. He’s so smart and I am so proud.

~How he loves to sing the alphabet song even though he sings it out of order and says P,Q & O a few extra times. And that his absolute favorite part to the song is the “sing with me!” verse at the end. He really gets into it!

~How he imitates the little talking monkey on his play laptop that says “whoo-hoo! And good job! when he gets an answer correct. Also how when he is done playing with it he always says “bye-bye monkeys!” before he turns it off.

~That he is also learning his shapes and numbers too. So far  he knows heart, circle, square, star and number 1,2,3 & randomly 9!

~How he knows he is not allowed to go outside without shoes on so he wears Mister Mister and my flip-flops.

They are so big on him and it makes me laugh every time.

~What a cuddle bug he is when Mister Mister and I are sitting on the couch.

 He always wants to sit on our laps.

~How he sings “men, men, manly, men men” when Two and A Half Men is on TV.

~How he loves to sing along to any song, even though he never knows any of the words.

~When he grabs my hands and wants to dance.

I love swaying back and forth with him.

I sometimes imagine the mother-son dance at his wedding one day which brings a tear to my eye every time.

  ~How when he talks to his Grammy, her name always comes out sounding like “Guppy.”

~How he tries to get a horsey back ride out of you any time you are willing.

~That he loves to ride on his Daddy’s shoulders.

I am sad that one day soon he will be too big to do so.

~How when he gives a kiss he gives you a little pat afterwards too. 

~What a good sleeper he is in his big boy bed and how excited he is about it.

~How he comes into Mister Mister and my bedroom every morning and cuddles in bed as we are all waking up.

~His like of soccer balls.

~His love of anything Elmo.

~Our bye-bye routine everyday as Mister Mister leaves for work.

~How excited he gets when you tell him we are going to go bye-bye in the car!

~How much he loves fruit.

~He likes eating fried rice with his Daddy and calls it “a bite of rice.” 🙂

~The funny inside joke when Mister Mister asks him where he is at, he replys, “in the bubble bath!” 


Oh my, I sure could keep going, though I won’t.

I will save some for next time, although I’m sure by then there will be a million new things that my heart doesn’t ever want to forget.

You know, it’s amazing how you realize how precious each moment is in an entirely different way then you ever did before, with so much more depth, once you have a child.

My life is now measured by Lovey moments ♥


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