Cupcake Pops Birthday

Mister Mister’s niece had a decorate your own cupcakes birthday party so I made her cupcake pops and turned them into a birthday bouquet.

I used an empty, cleaned out yogurt container as the “vase” and wrapped it in birthday paper, a lot like I did the cookie tin I made my dad for Father’s Day.

I added a coordinating ribbon bow to the container and each cupcake pop stick.

I cut the paper to size and applied it to the lid as well.

Then I poked holes in the lid to arrange them.

I bet you will never look at an empty yogurt container the same again! 😉 

I liked the purple and green sprinkles!

I also made a matching birthday card too.

I think it all turned out cute!

They were a hit at the party and most importantly with the Birthday girl!

Even Lovey got in on the cupcake pop fun. 🙂

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