Day At The River

Over the weekend we took a trip to a river just down the road from our house.

The boys skipped rocks.

What simple joy Lovey received from skipping rocks on the water and watching the ripples that followed.He was very brave, continuously venturing his little feet further out into the water to find the perfect rocks for skipping.A fearless boy I have. I love that about him.


Mister Mister and I.The boys hung out on the rocks beneath the shade trees.

I thought that Lovey was the sweetest, standing with his little hands behind his back while he watched people jump into the river from a rope swing tied to a tree.

I think he would have joined them if I would have let him. 😉

We went for a long walk admiring natures beauty;

 all the greenery,the sweet scent of wild flowers hanging in the warm, summer air.As long as it is not growing on my patio, 😉 I love moss and the depth it adds to the most mundane things.Especially if the sun is shining just right.And what do you do when you get back to your vehicle and realize that you forgot to ask a passer-by to take a family photo for you?

You stretch your arm out as far as possible,

all the while wishing you had Stretch Armstrong capabilities, 😉 and end up with a jewel of a photo like this one. The way Lovey’s arms are wrapped around Mister Mister’s head, holding on for dear life because he wanted to ride on Daddy’s shoulders on the way back.

And the look of impending sleep in his eyes that is sure to follow as soon as he is buckled into his car seat, all so– classic!

Yes, such a fun day we had!


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