Anniversary Reflections

9 months pregnant with Lovey in this photo 🙂

Today is Mister Mister and my eight year anniversary.

I’ll be honest,

some days are great,

some are not so great

and most, fall somewhere in between.

In between life swiftly moving along, like the oceans currents, while we struggle to keep our heads afloat.

It’s not always easy, keeping the love alive, but it is worth it–

To everyday let each other know;

through our words and through our actions

 how much we care about, appreciate and respect one another.

Mister Mister once said to me after being out-of-town for work, that when he is in my arms he knows he is home.

Those words have profoundly stayed with me over all these years because I know exactly how he feels,

 I feel the same for him.

No, it certainly is not always easy but it is so very worth it.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

I’m thankful that through it all we always end up home again–

warm, safe and right where we belong.


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