German Chocolate Cake Truffles

It’s that time again, my Dad’s birthday on the good old 4th of July and that means the tradition of making him German Chocolate Cake (G.C.C)–in one form or another!

Last year I made him G.C.C Cookies.

They were  a hit so I was tempted to make them for him again but I decided to try something new, G.C.C Truffles.

Very simple recipe to make!

-1 box German Chocolate Cake mix

-1 can German Chocolate cake frosting

-Melting Chocolates

-Chopped pecans

Mix and bake cake as directed on the box. Let cool and break apart in the pan with a fork. Mix in half of the can of frosting. Add more for your prefered consistency. You want the cake moistened enough by the frosting to roll into balls. once you have formed your balls, place them in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm up. Then dip them into melted chocolate and garnish with pecans.

They turned out being everything a connoisseur of G.C.C, like my dad, 😉  loves only dipped in chocolate and garnished with extra pecans!

Oh so moist on the inside!

I wrapped each one up for him and topped it off with a curled ribbon.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday this year Daddy.

I love you and miss you so much.

 I will be thinking of you as I watch the brightly colored fireworks paint the darkened night sky.

I will smile because I will know that you too are looking up into that same night sky where you are.

In that moment the distance between us will not seem all that far♥


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