Finally, after several failed attempts to take a trip to the zoo since moving here almost two years ago we made it there.

Every time we attempted to go Mister Mister either ended up having to work or it was pouring rain.

Now we can say that we came, we saw, we conquered the zoo in a little under five hours. 😉

I was every bit as excited to go as Lovey was ( if not more! ) because believe it or not, it was my first visit to a zoo too.

So I took in all the sights, took loads of pictures of course and enjoyed the long-awaited day, with my boys.

The Mountain Goats were having a morning snack of the lush, green hillside as we eagerly passed by them on our way to the main attraction right off the bat.

As Lovey calls them, to the “feeshies” we went!

Lovey adores fish.

It all began last Christmas with a lamp his Nana gave to him as a gift, a story in and of its self I will share another time.

Ever since then though he just loves feeshies.

I told his Nana once that if he grows up to be a famous Marine Biologist we know who to credit for sparking his interest!

The irony I think, in his attraction to fish is that he is a Pisces.

Coincidence I ask you?!

Beautiful mosaic of a variety of fish.

The Polar Bears were napping as we passed by but the boys checked out how they measure up to them in size.

I use to think Mister Mister was tall before this. 😉 

The Lions were party-poopers too and also never came out for us to see.

So we had to improvise! 😉

At the Farm animal exhibit Lovey had the chance to sit on a John Deere tractor which I thought was fun.

Also “ride” a wooden horse,  with his “get me off this thing!” expression. 😛

Mr. Zebra had no interest in posing, proper end first that is, for my camera. 😉

We did have better luck with the giraffes.

Please ignore that Lovey looks like he is wearing a belly shirt in the next picture, I assure you that he was not. 😉

This is my favorite wild life photo that was taken that day.

I love everything about it especially how the tree foliage acts as a picture frame, framing the majestic elephant while she takes a cool sip of water as the mid afternoon sun shines down on her.


My least favorite exhibit was the “Swamp”

Icky boa-constrictor.

And giant Lizard creature.

My skin was crawling the entire time we were in there.

It was terribly humid and smelly in there and Mister Mister nearly gave me a heart attack leaning over the railing to take pictures of the alligators, none of which turned out because it was too dark and they were under the water at the time.

Like I said, definitely my least favorite stop of the day! 😉

I do have to give Mister Mister credit for clicking the shutter button in time to capture what I think is an awesome picture of Lovey and the little penguin that swam up to him as if they knew each other.

It was an extra neat moment and I’m glad it was captured in a photo. 🙂

We took a break in the shade to have lunch and had the tastiest Indian Fry Bread I had ever eaten.

The zoo calls them “Elephant Ears” because if you think about it they do kind of resemble Elephant ears.

They were so good that I want to go back and pay admission just to buy an Elephant Ear. 😉

As we finished up lunch Lovey happily roamed in the green grass waving at people as they passed us by.

After lunch we headed over to see the orangutans.

Would you take a look at this amazing tree!


The birds of the “Rain Forest” were beautiful but far to quick to snap a photo so you will just have to take my word for it. 😉

Before calling it a day we did one more tour of the aquarium so Lovey could get his feeshy fix 😉

and admired the visually intoxicating greenery that surrounded us.

The setting sun cast its golden rays as we crossed the bridge home. 

Lovey was fast asleep in the back seat and I couldn’t help but hope that his memory had tucked away some of the moments of our day ♥


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