Soul Compliment

 Yesterday I was paid one of the kindest compliments I have received in a while. You know the kind you tuck away in your memory to reflect back on every now and then for a lifetime? Yea, it was one of those. One of those rare jewels of a compliment that you take to heart. I think of them as soul compliments because they are more than skin deep, they are someones perception of your soul shining through.

I was making my way through checkout at the grocery store when the cashier asked me your standard check out questions and I gave her my standard check out responses. There wasn’t anything, in my mind to call for a compliment but as she handed me my receipt she said, “My, you are one very polite lady, saying please and thank you to everything. Have a nice day.” As she smiled and turned to the next customer in line.

On the drive home I replayed what the cashier had just said to me. I thought about my day-to-day life. When I am out and about, the way I treat the people I come into contact with as well as my home life with Mister Mister and Lovey. Come to think of it I do say please and thank you often and you know what, so does Lovey. In that moment her words became a soul compliment and I could not help but smile.  Lovey says please and thank you to just about everything. I always take notice and I am always proud and thankful that he has a kind and thankful heart.  Of course, somewhere in my head I acknowledged that it was Mister Mister and I leading by example that had taught him to be that way but it wasn’t until those kind words were spoken by a stranger that it really hit home. 

I took more out of her compliment than she will ever know. It’s also a reminder to me that little eyes are always watching, and little ears are always listening. I pray that I will always be a good example to Lovey to treat people with kindness and respect. And that we should always choose to use our words to lift people up. All lessons, some more than others that I am still a work in progress with. God knows my faults as well as my strengths on this subject. He has shown me a lot lately, where I fall short and need his patience and guidance as well as, like every good Father, lovingly showing me where I shine. Which yesterday for me, came in the form of a soul compliment ♥


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