May Date!

Back in December Mister Mister and I made a pact that we would set aside time every month for just the two of us.

 The plan was that we would go on a date with a new activity each month, enjoy one another’s company and reconnect like all couples need to do, especially those of us with children!

So in January I made regular date night one of the things on my list of

 Year Of Lovely Things

Well nearly the first half of the year has came and went so quickly.

Mister Mister has been very busy at work and the days that he is home he allocates his time to catching up on the everyday things that seem to get pushed to the side like mowing the yard, changing light bulbs that are too high up for me to reach and of course taking a nap, can’t forget about the all important nap! 😉

Last week though, Mister Mister had the week off from work.

It was a wonderful week to have off,  falling in between two weeks of nothing but rain, it was sunny and warm and perfect.

So we took advantage of that time and did a lot of fun things as a family and finally went on one of our dates, our May date. 🙂

We decided to do something we had never did together before and went bowling!

Things sort of kind of started out in my favor with a spare, yea that’s right I know bowling lingo! 😉

But soon my wrists became tired and my ball found its way into the gutter time and time again.

I believe the ending score was 117 to 64.

         I warned Mister Mister that next time I will not hold back so he better beware! 😉                                                


Like our fancy shoes?! 😀


Afterwards we went out to dinner at On The Border. Not the most authentic mexican food but I prefer “gringo” style Mexican cuisine anyway. I love me some Taco Bell! haha

The food was great. The salsa was not quite as good as the kind back home in the South West at my favorite Mexican restaurant but still very tasty and definitely called for a refill. 🙂

We had a really fun night together.

We held hands and I had the door held for me by my tall, dark and handsome love♥

Chivalry is not dead!

It was reminiscent of  the “good old days,” when we began dating eight years ago.

 Wow! Reading that last sentence really makes that time seem like a lifetime ago and in some ways it is.

Certainly some days it feels that way when life gets so busy that we almost begin to forget what that time in our lives was like, just he and I. 

That’s why I’m so glad that we have decided to make monthly date night a tradition.

No matter what it is we end up doing I’m just glad that we are doing it together.

Here’s to the first of I hope many, many, many  more dates and opportunities to remember why love is so worth it!


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