Celebrating Lovey’s Second Birthday!!

 Lovey adores Elmo, or as he calls him “Elmamo.” 🙂

So it was only appropriate to have an Elmo party for his second Birthday!!

He woke up on the day of his party already setting the Elmo tone for the day.

I made Elmo cookies and Elmo chocolate suckers.

I put some on the table at the party.


And wrapped the rest up for the goody bags.

There were also Elmo candies that said Happy Birthday “Lovey” printed on one side and Thank you for coming to “Lovey’s” 2nd Birthday party on the other.

I thought they were fun. 🙂

And what would an Elmo themed Birthday be without an Elmo cake?!

I really enjoyed making Elmo’s “fur.” 🙂

The helium tank that we had purchased turned out to be a dud so we had a Birthday Party with no balloons.

I was quite bummed about this but luckily Lovey did not seem to mind. 🙂

He was more focused on wearing his special Birthday boy ribbon.

I got all the guests to write Lovey Birthday messages that I am going to put in his photo memory book.

He had a lot of fun playing with his cousins.

Especially when it came time to play pin the nose on Elmo!

His Uncle J helped the kids to spin safely. 😉

Daddy and Uncle J were good sports and wore their Elmo party hats.

Even while they watched the game.

This picture makes me laugh every time!

Then it was time for cake!

He loved every second of us all singing Happy Birthday to him. 🙂

Mister Mister and I helped him blow out his candle.

Then it was time for presents!!







Lovey was soo ready for a nap by the time he opened his last present.

But not before we got a last few pictures first!

Lovey, Daddy and Papa.

Lovey, Daddy and Nana.

Then like last year, on his actual Birthday just the three of us had a small celebration.

I baked him a mini cake all his own and he swayed back and forth as Mister Mister and I sang him Happy Birthday.

And then he went to town on his cake!

I think he is sentimental like his Mommy. He loves when he receives cards in the mail.

He carries them around like they are a toy.

He received many thoughtful cards which made him so happy. 🙂

We took him to Toys R’ Us for his Birthday club celebration and to spend his Birthday money from Grammy and Grampy!

They gave him a Birthday balloon which he liked and a Birthday crown which he did not.

Kids! 😉

He couldn’t wait to open his gift when we got home!

What fun it was celebrating Lovey’s second year of life.

I can’t wait for the year ahead;  the fun times we will share and memories that we will make!!!

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