Valentine’s Wreaths

I made a couple of  Valentine’s Day wreathes for the front door.

One For my Mama and one for our home.

I made the one for our home by taking a reef base and wrapping red Christmas garland around it and some ribbon.  Then I tied Valentine ribbon into a pretty bow at the top.

Along with a few glitter heart window clings, our front door is bursting with love! 😉

The one I made for my Mama was a bit more labor intensive  but so fun to make.

I think I will be making many variations of this reef style in the future!

I chose three different ribbons; red silk, white silk and white lace.

I cut them into short strips and tied them around a wire coat hanger.

I love Valentines colors!

And how the lace ribbon added a different visual texture to the wreath.

Then I took pliers and unwound the top of the hanger so that I could form it into the shape of a heart.

Then I finished it off with a small red bow in the center.

Pretty and elegant, I hope my Mama loves it!

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