Strawberry Almond Chocolate Drizzled Cookies

The name just reals you in, right?! 😉

I saw a variation of this cookie in the past but I decided to tweak it a bit and make it my own!

I made the cookie dough and used almond extract instead of the usual vanilla and added in thinly sliced almonds.

Then I used two of my heart nesting cookie cutters to make the bottom cookie and the top one with a small heart center cut out.

I baked them for ten minutes at 350 degrees and let them cool.

I melted both milk and white chocolate to spread between the two cookies, a lot like Milano style cookies which is one of my favorites! 😉

Then I drizzled chocolate over them.

I put a small amount of strawberry preserves in the center where I had cut out the smaller hearts.

It adds a nice amount of strawberry flavor and a pop of Valentine’s red, especially on the white chocolate ones! 

I wrapped each one up in a heart goodie bag tied with a ribbon and paired with one of  my Valentine’s Day cards for an extra special treat! 😉

Original recipe found @ Our Best Bites!

I mixed it up a bit by adding sliced almonds and almond extract instead of vanilla. 🙂


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