Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pastries

When I found this recipe @ Our Best Bites I knew it was perfect to make for Mister Mister.

They look and smell so good fresh out of the oven that they almost make me wish I ate meat. 😉


I cooked a pack of chicken breast and a pack of bacon and then shredded them both into a bowl.

Now for the creamy part!

Then I mixed the meat in with a softened container of onion and chives cream cheese.

The original recipe called for roasted red peppers in it as well but I did not use any, maybe next time.

Then you spoon a little on your dough and top with shredded mozzarella cheese.

I looked for puff pastry but after half an hour and two employs helping me scour the isles we never did find any.

Instead, we found Fillo dough.

I had never cooked with it before so I gave it a try.

The finished product is similar to puff pastry but the prep work for it is well, a lot of work!

You have to brush each layer of it with butter and let me tell you there seems an infinite number of layers in each box. 😉

It was well worth it though!

Then you fold over the dough so you have these cute little triangles.

Be sure to seal the edges well so that all you cheese does not melt out.

Put them into the oven at  350.

15-20 minutes later they come out golden brown and extra flaky.

Now I just need to  come up with a vegetarian version, yum! 😉


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