Year Of Lovely Things 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

My blog land friend over at Perches In The Soul inspired me to participate in Year Of Lovely Things 2011.

It is a fun take on New Year resolutions. It consists of 52 things, averaging one per week for every week of the year. It can be silly things or serious or a mixture of  both. Anything your heart so desires 🙂

As you do them you mark them off.

There is no pressure to check everything off but how lovely would it be if you do?!

So, drum roll please 😉 in no particular order here is my list of Lovely Things for 2011! change my hair  | learn sign language ~go Kayaking  |  go hiking  |   visit my family and friends back home  |  make Christmas stockings  |   make a snow angel  |    take a cake decorating class  |   take a photography class  |  attend a concert  |   go on womans retreat at church  |  go to bible study  |  knit a scarf  |  support a charity  |  make  Lovey clothes  |  go bike riding  |  build a sand castle  |  Buy a stand mixer  |  volunteer in my community  |  Lovey and I attend VBS  |  make other mom friends in my city  |  regular date night with Mister Mister  |  go on a pic nic  |  devotional time each day  |  spruce up my blog  |  send my Mama flowers just because  |  make hoiday dish towels  |  get a new phone   |  teach Lovey his prayers  |  pay off credit cards  |  go to OMSI  |  go camping  |  go to Voodoo donuts  |  make holiday wreaths  |  craft with Lovey every holiday  |  go to the zoo  |  zoo lights | finish decorating the house |  have a garage sale  |  completly organize the garage  |  open an Esty store  |  get into shape  |  become an early riser  |  go sledding  |  make Lovey’s 1st year photo albums/organize baby book  |  have all three of us up to date on all medical checkups by the end of the year  |  make a Christmas tree skirt  |  go river boating  |  go fruit picking  |  learn to can  |  plant flowers  |  go to the fair


7 thoughts on “Year Of Lovely Things 2011

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