Christmas Traditions

I  love family traditions, especially Christmas ones.

And now that I have my own little family I get really excited that we get to create our own!

Now that Lovey is big enough to get in on arts and crafts…yay! :)… this year I decided to start a new tradition of making Christmas ornaments for our tree.

And I can’t think of a better one to make to start the tradition!

The little poem is what reeled me in!

I traced his little hand and I cut it out and attached the embelishments.

I Love how it turned out, so cute!

Later I wrote his name below his picture on the “hay.”

Mister Mister’s mom always bought him and his brother an ornament every year when they were growing up.

Now that they are grown she carries on this tradition with the grandchildren.

Last year she gave Mister Mister all his ornaments from over the years and I found it so neat what history and memories each one of them held.

I hope to create like wise Christmas ones with Lovey each year when we make his ornament!


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