Second Chance

My eyes are open wide

By the way I made it through the day

I watch the world outside

By the way I’m leaving out today

Tell my Mother, tell my Father I’ve done the best I can

To make them realize this is my life, I hope they understand

I’m not angry, I’m just saying

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

Please don’t cry one tear for me

I’m not afraid of what I have to say

This is my one and only voice

So listen close, it’s only for today

This is my chance…

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance


A year ago today I left the only home I had ever known.

Tears strew down my cheeks reminiscing a life of memories.

Leaving behind family and dear friends I took a chance.

I had no idea what lay ahead.

All I truly had was faith that God would direct my path

hope for a new beginning

and the love of my boys.

Some days are harder than others being so far away from home but every day gets a little easier.

That is because I have come to realize that home is where your heart is.

Home knows no boundaries.

It isn’t limited to one side of a state line or another.

It is the memories and the love that connects you to people and places wherever you are.

I may not physically be home but home will always and forever be with me in my heart.



Shinedown-Second Chance

Photo Credit-John Assall


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