Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon~September 19th, 2010

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥



This week I am especially thankful for:



~Lovey seems to be learning something new every week lately. This week he has started to blow kisses. He puts his little hand to his mouth and makes the kissing sound but hasn’t quite gotten down the blowing them at someone part lol. In time he will, but for now I’m more than happy to get any form of kissie he wants to give me. 🙂


~We began moving this weekend, yay! We signed all the papers and got the keys yesterday. We are so blessed to be able to call it home but we know that it’s not the four walls that makes it a home it’s the love of the people in it. We could be happy  living anywhere but I will admit we really do like this house! 🙂


~ Friendly people! With the moving and all the disconnecting of some services and opening up new accounts for other, dealing with the realtors as well as insurance people it can become pretty overwhelming. I think we all often take for granted what an impact a smile and kind word to a stranger can make.  We have been fortunate to encounter friendly, helpful people to help us through this process and it has made all the difference.


~Todays church service. We began the book of John today and a discussion during the service was about how we need to not be so caught up in our own agendas. With how very busy Mister Mister and I have been with the move and the large amount of time he has had to spend away from home for work lately I think we both needed to hear todays message. To be reminded to not get so caught up in our little plans that we lose sight that they need to mirror Gods plan, the plan of all plans!



Thank You for Your many gracious blessings in my life Lord, in Your Name I pray, Amen. 


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