Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon~August 22nd,2010

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥


This week I am especially thankful for: 


~Gods inpecable timing. As one door closed another one opend…within minutes. I am truly in awe!



~When you’re away from the ones you love the most for a little while you remember why it is that  you love them so much♥



~Fabulous weather, what a perfect 70 degree week it has been!



~This week Lovey successfully mastered coming down the stairs. He has been able to make his way up them without help for months. He is so cute thudding his little way down. 🙂  As a Mommy this is both good and bad progress lol. I’m happy that if at some point he wonders out of my sight and up the stairs I don’t have to stress as much about if he attempts to come back down. But at the same time it seems like this is ALL he wants to do now, that’s the bad part! 😉 




Thank You for Your many gracious blessings in my life Lord, in Your Name, amen.


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