Counting My Blessing On A Sunday Aftrenoon~August 15th, 2010

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥



This week I am especially thankful for:



~”Remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the power to get wealth.”

                                                                                                                                                        -Deuteronomy 8:18


Thankfully Mister Mister made it through a second, and hopefully last for the time being at least,  round of layoffs at his job this week. 

In his profession they have mass layoffs at the end of each project.

Sometimes for only a couple of weeks but sometimes for a few months. It’s never certain.

 We have a lot of expenses over the next few months so we have prayed that if it is God’s will Mister Mister  will make it through the layoffs, and so far he has.

 God listens to prayers and he must see it working into his plans for our life’s.

Of course I also credit Mister Mister for having such a strong work ethic, that goes without saying but it’s always  good to say  it too. 😉



~Full kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and tummies.

Yesterday after grocery shopping as I was putting everything away and quickly running out of room for it all I thought to my self wow, we are so blessed!

Sometimes life’s basic necessities get taken for granted, especially when you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of them.


~ Mister Mister’s love and support for all my  domestic endeavors!

My mind is always a constant flurry of crafty ideas and I often use Mister Mister as my sounding board.

I’m sure he rarely understands what I am talking about and truth be told I doubt he truly cares about every last detail but he does care about me and it shows when he is supportive of all my “big” ideas. 🙂

I ♥ you Mister Mister.



Thank You for Your many blessings in my life Lord in Your Name, amen.


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