Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon~August 1st,2010

Counting My Blessings On a Sunday Afternoon is where I reflect on a few of my many blessings and special moments at the end of every week♥


This week I am especially thankful for:



~I am thankful to have caught up with a dear friend this week over the phone.

She is like a second mom to me. She is such a positive person in my life and I love and miss her very much.




~I’m thankful for Lovey’s sweet disposition. He is such a happy little boy who loves to wave at everyone everywhere we go. Everyone waves back with a big smile on their face.He brings me so much happiness and I love that he brings that to others as well even if it’s just while in passing with a simple wave.




~Helpful advice from a good friend, fellow mom and  fellow pursuer of living greener.

You’ve been a big help steering me in the right direction, thank you! 




~Giving with an open heart. Seeking Gods glory in Heaven  and not that of man kinds here on Earth.  




Thank You for Your many gracious blessings in my life Lord, in Your Name, amen.


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