Well What Do You Know, He Can Knit!

For a while now I have had big dreams of learning how to sew.

Which I have yet to accomplish 😛 but along with that I have gained the desire to learn how to knit as well.

 You would think learning to sew would come first but hey, there are no concrete rules on the matter so I decided to learn to knit first. I eagerly went to the store and purchased my needles and some yarn.

 Then, wide-eyed I plopped down in front of the computer and watched this tutorial at least twenty times.

 The instructor makes it seem so carefree but that certainly was not how I was feeling.

 First I couldn’t tie my slip knot correctly so I had to watch another tutorial  just for that.

 Once I had the knot down came the casting on which was hit and miss for me.

Frustration ensued so I gave it a good twenty-four hour breather.

 Last night Mister Mister and I were in bed watching tv so I decided to give it another go.

Seeing my frustration he asked if he could give it a try and see what all my  fuss was about.

So he took the needles and yarn, watched the tutorial once and started knitting away like he had been doing it forever!!

I was shocked, and I must admit a little jealous.

Never would I have imagined that Mister Mister would learn how to knit before me!

We stayed up untill 1a.m while he showed me how to do it “properly.” lol.

I  must say he did an amazing  job and on his first try mind you.

He made it almost to the end of his first row before he called it quits and we went to bed.


As I kissed him goodnight I jokingly asked if he would like me to purchase him his own needles in a more “manly” color. 😉

What a story this will make to tell Lovey one day, the night that Daddy taught Mommy how to knit!!


4 thoughts on “Well What Do You Know, He Can Knit!

  1. perches

    Funny! If you still feel bad about your experience, just know that you aren’t alone – I started knitting last year and it took me quite a while to figure things out. Honestly, the first 2 rows are always a bit tricky because your tension is so tight from the cast-on stitches. Stick with it, I’ll be cheering you on!


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