Anniversary Getaway

As you know Mister Mister and I just celebrated our 7th Anniversary together.

After almost a year and a half of being parents we decided it would be good for some  time away just the two of us.

So the morning of our anniversary we dropped Lovey off at his Nana’s house, Mister Mister’s mom, to spend the night.

Mister Mister had been away from Lovey but this was my first night away from my baby.

It was a rough goodbye, tears all around.

But then we were off to our little getaway.

It is a two-hour drive from our house to the coast where we had reserved a room for the night.

There were many laughs along the way, especially when we found ourselves driving behind this


 Once we got to the coast we played tourist 😉 and browsed the souvenir shops.

I thought this shop couldn’t be more appropriate for getting my little sister a gift.

 She is has an old soul and loves to write so I chose this “antique”  journal for her.

 We couldn’t resist freshly made salt water taffy.

So many unique flavors!

It felt like Christmas in July when we walked into the Christmas Cottage.

It is  a store that is open year round with nothing but Christmas goodies.

I could have walked around in there for hours on end.

I got so many good ideas for Christmas this year.

 I loved the character that the sleepy little beach town had.

There were neat hand-made tiles on the sidewalks.


I enjoyed taking pictures of all the statues around town.

I especially liked this school of fish one.

I may be partial since I’m a Pisces. 😉


We visited a museum that had a whale watching section that over looked the ocean.

 We saw a whale blow its spout.


Beautiful mural of Whales at the museum.

I loved the attention to detail around town.

There were even whales on the trash cans.


 For lunch we found this little Mom & Pops pizza place.

Their sign claimed best pizza in thirteen years.

I wouldn’t go that far 😉 but it was pretty good.

 Then we headed to the beach for a stroll before we checked into our hotel.


We chose this beach especially because it has a special story behind it.

Mister Mister’s Grandfather and Grandmother on his mom’s side, ashes were spread in this part of the ocean.

Mister Mister has many fond memories of visiting this beach as a child with that Grandmother.

 He reminisced a bit.

Then we said a prayer and had a moment of silence for his Grandparents.


Our hotel was literally right on the beach. 🙂

I love red doors for some reason so I was pleased when I saw that the door to our room was red!

 A Mermaid was the symbol of the motel we stayed in so there were mermaid things all over the room.

Giant pillow on the bed.

Door hanger.

This made me laugh.

Loved the pillow top bed.

We slept sooo well.

Fire Place.

View from our Balcony.

I could get use to this!


And the very best part of our room…

Jacuzzi tub with a view of the ocean.

One word


I just couldn’t get enough of all the Seagulls. 🙂

That afternoon we fed the Seagull’s from the balcony by tossing bread up  and they would swoop down and snatch it mid-air.

I was a little more into it than Mister Mister was.

Observe his attempt to take a picture of me feeding the birds. 😉

That evening before we went to dinner Mister Mister surprised me with a beautiful Earing and pendent set of my birthstone.

He can be so thoughtful.

The next morning we got up early and went for a two-hour walk along the beach.

Of course I have always thought the ocean was amazing but growing up in the desert I never had an attachment to it like I know many people do.

That morning though I really thought to myself  that maybe I could call it home.

That was the first time that had crossed my mind in the nearly year since we moved away from where I had spent my entire life.

The ocean is extra beautiful early in the morning.

I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of peace.

God does amazing work.

I had never seen a living Sea Star in person so I was thrilled how many we found on our walk.

There were more than I could take pictures of but here are a few.


This one had to be extremely old because it was huge.

Sea algae.

People were picking these clams that hadn’t oped yet to cook.

We began collecting sea shells as we walked.

We didn’t have a bucket with us like you should when you are collecting shells.

So Mister Mister was a trooper and held them the whole time.

A little Hermit Crab didn’t want to give up its home to us.

We were really enjoying ourselves and collecting many beautiful shells.

Untill my flip-flop broke 😦

Then our shell hunting was done.

It was time to check out of our room and head back home.


Bitter because our wonderful getaway was coming to an end.

Sweet because we both couldn’t wait to see our little Lovey.

But first we had a little fun writing in the sand.

Seven hearts for seven years in each others lives.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend my love.

Here is to seven years of living and learning and growing closer to each other every day.

I love you more today than yesterday

but not as much as I will tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Anniversary Getaway

  1. perches

    Wow, loved your pictures!! So many amazing sights. I need that “To the Beach” sign somewhere near me – or over my head (like a comic strip thought bubble). Glad you had such an awesome anniversary trip 🙂

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  3. Amber Starr

    Ruthie, I looked and read all of your pictures and everything. Now I know what you are doing all the time. Congrats on your 7th Anniversary and Aiden is so handsome. You have grown so profound since I first knew you 7 years ago. Beautiful too. Hope I see you again in the future. Love,Amber

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