I Cross My Heart

Our love is unconditional
We knew it from the start
I see it in your eyes
You can feel it from my heart
From here on after
Let’s stay the way we are right now
And share all the love and laughter
That a lifetime will allow

I cross my heart
And promise too
Give all I’ve got to give
To make all your dreams come true
In all the world
You’ll never find
A love as true as mine

 You will always be the miracle
 That makes my life complete
 And as long as there’s a breath in me
 I’ll make yours just as sweet
 As we look into the future
 It’s as far as we can see
 So let’s make each tomorrow
 Be the best that it can be

 And if along the way we find a day
 It starts to storm
 You’ve got the promise of my love
 To keep you warm

 In all the world
 You’ll never find
 A love as true as mine


George Striaght- I Cross My Heart



Happy Anniversary my love. I’m so happy we have shared these  past seven years.  Here is to many, many, many more together!

You make me truly happy and through all the good and the bad there is no one else that could ever make my smile the way you do.

Thank you for loving our little Lovey and I unconditionally through both your words and your actions.

You will always have my


4 thoughts on “I Cross My Heart

  1. REba

    wow you guys have been together as long as lee and I!!! we just celebrated our 5 yr wedding anniversary, and on july 7 we have been together for 7 yrs!!! its crazy how time flies!! I remember on our 1 yr anniversary I was so excited, and now 7 just seems crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. itsabeautifullife Post author

    I remember our first anniversary too! Seven years has certainly flew by!

    That’s so ironic that our anniversaries are so close, especially being the same number of years! Happy Anniversary to you and Lee as well!!

    You are too awsome!! Thank you for following my blog!!!! 😀

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