Massive Heat Wave & Croutons

Oh my is it hot!

Normally I brag about the beautiful weather but not today, not this entire week actually!

All I hear out of people is, “at least you’re not back home in the Southwest where it’s 110 degrees every day.”

Well I would gladly be there, because I would undoubtably have my ac set at 68 degrees. 🙂

Because there are suppose to only be ten or so 90+ degree days here a year majority of places do not have ac or even ceiling fans.

Lucky me, I do not have either.

It is 95 degrees here today.


Needless to say Lovey and I  are




and a wee bit cranky if truth be told. 😛

Maybe the heat just melted my brain but I decided to turn on the oven, yes, adding additional heat, and make some homemade croutons.

We had a loaf of bread that was becoming stale and I had a craving for a salad and forgot to get any croutons when we went grocery shopping the other day.

So it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I cut the bread into bite sized pieces and then coated them with EVOO, fresh grated parmesan cheese, a little bit of garlic powder and some Italian herbs.Then onto a baking sheet they went and into the oven for about a half an hour, untill they were golden brown and had a nice crunch.Finally they were ready to top my spinach salad.

They turned out perfect and Lovey liked them too.

And the sun is finally setting so some relief from the heat is thankfully on its way!


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