4th Of July

We had a nice 4th of July this year.

Much different from the ones I grew up with where the temperatures can surpass 110 degrees. Instead it was in the 60’s.

We had a picnic at a local park with Mister Mister’s family.

There was sooo much food!

I made chocolate covered strawberries.

Swing time fun before lunch.

My boys♥

We forgot to get someone to take a family picture for us so here is an iconic self (family) portrait. You know the one’s  where the photographer’s arm isn’t quite long enough so they get cut in half (me),  someone looses half their forheaed (Mister Mister) and of course Lovey isn’t looking at the camera. 😛

We were patriotic in our red, white and blue!



So cute in his little top hat!

Mr.Cool! 😉

That night when the sun finally went down well after 9pm and the temperature began to drop making us all need a jacket we headed over to Mister Mister’s mom’s house to set off fireworks.


Mister Mister helping Lovey with his first sparkler ever.

Lovey wasn’t exactly sure what to think of it!

Here  are a few pictures of the fireworks.

It was so foreign to me for us to set off our own fireworks. Where I grew up it is illegal because it poses such a fire hazard in such a dry climate.

It sounded like a war zone because it is an entire neighborhood event, everyone setting them off and oohing and ahhing as they crackle in the night sky.

As for Lovey, he was a complete trooper. Staying up well past his bedtime and tolerating all the noise. Not a peep did he make  as long as he was cuddled up safe in Daddy’s arms.


I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!



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