Goodbye Bottles. Goodbye Baby food.

The time has come, we are doing away with our little Lovey’s bottles and baby food.

He is a big boy now and he will be permanently transitioning to only sippies and toddler friendly food.

He is so ready for this, and has been for awhile. It’s been me who hasn’t quite been ready to let go.

My baby is growing up. Too quickly if you ask me. I want him to stay my little baby boy so much it makes me tear up.

He is growing up regardless though.

So I will embrace this new chapter in his life.

But first I wanted to take a little stroll down memory lane, and share a few my favorite bottle and baby food memories.


In Daddy’s arms.

Loveys first time trying baby food and his all time favorite kind, applesauce!Cuddling with Daddy in bed.Messy carrot face!

First time trying peaches.He was asleep but thought he was still holding his bottle.

This one makes me laugh. 🙂 He wasn’t a big fan of peas.My little pumpkin needed to take a break from trick or treating to refuel.So happy to eat sweet potatoes.Asleep in his swing.He hated the baby food mac n’ cheese.He fell asleep in his play pin drinkinking his bottle.Yay! For beef stew.I love this one.

One last look at his baby cabinet in the kitchen.

Soon to be filled with only toddler goodies.

Goodbye bottles. Goodbye baby food.


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