You’re Cute, But Your Daddy Dressed You Funny

 Morning came and I went to get the little Lovey out of his crib to begin our day and this is how I found him dressed! Ignoring his hair, which I think looks similar to that of a Roosters feathers, which is fitting seeing as how he is my alarm clock every morning, cock-a-doodle-doo! 😉 As well as his silly little stretches he does when he first wakes up, but getting down to the heart of the matter…his completly mix matched pj’s!! Which were not my doing I assure you. Mister Mister took on the duties of picking out his pj’s the night before which is usually my job, and we clearly see why don’t we?! 😉 A sports pj shirt paired with random shark pj pants and wa-la! I couldn’t stop laughing, so I just had to share them.

What would my boys do without me around to dress them?!


3 thoughts on “You’re Cute, But Your Daddy Dressed You Funny

  1. itsabeautifullife Post author

    Thank you Rebekah! 🙂

    Tisk, tisk ss you need to lead a good example of cordinating clothes! 😉 You know, always put your best foot forward, I think that’s how it goes! lol…I’m sure V would agree with me! haha


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