Sweets From My Sweet

 The other day I had a craving for some Mud Pie ice-cream. So I asked Mister Mister if he would please get me some when he went to the grocery store that afternoon which he agreed to do. Come to find out, upon arriving down the ice cream isle they were all sold out of the kind I wanted. So he called me to tell me the bad news. I was rather bummed because I had really been wanting some muddy goodness. 😉 I said ok though, thanks for trying and I hung up the phone. That was that. 

That is untill Mister Mister came home from the store with a glorious container of Mud Pie ice-cream. Oh boy was I excited as I went straight for the silverware droor! I told him, that I thought he said they were all out. He said that they were, in the ice-cream freezers at least. So I asked where did he find this one then. He said he found someone who worked there and asked them if they could go in the back and check their ice-cream inventory for any. The person said yes and a while later after having to open an entire new case of ice-cream returned with one in hand for Mister Mister.

I thought it was so sweet that he went the extra mile to satisfy my craving, and it wasn’t even a pregnancy craving! He’s even sweeter then! He once drove 45 minutes both ways to get me pumpkin pie when I was pregnant with our little Lovey.  He always does a pretty good job at making me feel loved. I’m a lucky woman! 😀

                                                                        Thank you my love! I love you♥ xo


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