Seeing Red!

The little Lovey just can’t get enough of getting into the cabinets in the kitchen. Whenever he sees an opening, straight to the cabinets he goes to rummage  through  their contents. We have his play pin blocking between the living room and the kitchen but yesterday he managed to squeeze through and make his way into the kitchen. I was on the phone so I hadn’t noticed that he had carried the container of Crystal Light mix into the livingroom and stashed it away for when no one was looking! Well I wasn’t looking and when I walked around the corner this is what I saw!…


With his head hung in shame! 😉

                                                                                     All I saw was red!!!

                                                                     So we headed straight for the bathtub.

                                                              He knew the drill and got his bubble bath for me.

                                                                    I undressed him, his pjs no doubt ruined. 😦

                                                                            Every last finger tip was stained.

He is going to be a lovely, ahem, shade of red for a while to come!

After some intense scrubbing most of it came of.

Leaving my son sitting in a tub of pink water!

                                                              The aftermath of the half eaten packs of Crystal light.

                                             Needless to say, we learned our lesson and bought cabinet locks today. 😉


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