The Casualties of Motherhood

 The little Lovey broke my glasses. Again.


The first time was a month ago or so. I went to place him in his high chair for lunch, in the middle of a giggle fit brought on from Mommy’s tickles. His arm swept past my face knocking my glasses to the ground. I went to step over them to seat him before I bent over to pick them up. With a crunch I cringed and looked down. I had stepped directly on them instead. I improvised with a little super glue. Not the most fashionable I’m sure but they would suffice untill we could work a new pair of glasses into our budget.

They held up well enough untill the other day when the Lovey struck again. The first time this happened can mainly be blamed on poor foot work on my part. This time though was a different story. Playing together in the floor  he came up to me with one of his innocent little smiles. I, thinking he was going to give me kisses, extended my neck forward but to my surprise a kiss was not in the works. He reached for my glasses, on the broken side of course, and pulled them off my face before I could stop him. His oh so not gentle tug resulted in them broken worse this time around. Non repairable at this point, even with  the all fixing super glue. 

Time to break out the contacts I saposs.

I will just chalk it up to a casualty of Motherhood.

It isn’t he first and I’m sure it will not be the last. 😉


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