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St. Patrick’s Day

A little fun with Lovey this past St. Patrick’s Day.

His favorite breakfast of pancakes with a few St. Patty’s sprinkles.s2Rocking our lucky socks!s3Rainbow craftin’.s4s1This picture is from a few weeks later following an afternoon rainstorm. Lovey spotted a rainbow right outside his bedroom window. A good luck sign, I’m sure.


Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥  1a    This week I am especially thankful for!…

~Hand made chocolate covered strawberries made by me and enjoyed with my love! ♥

~The fence in our back yard was finally fixed that blew over in a severe wind storm a few weeks ago.

~Sunday evening dinner, a movie and shopping with my boys.

~Half a dozen or so games of chutes and latters played on my bed with Lovey one afternoon. Warm sunshine poured in through the blinds on us and it was one of those magical occasions that life feels like it is exactly how it is supposed to be. ♥

~The official scent of Spring in our home, Bath And Body Works Market Peach and Spring candles and wallflowers. 

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!

Ipsy The Look Of Love

ipIpsy’s February bag theme was The Look Of Love ♥

This is what I received in mine…

*Zoya polish in the color dot. It is a really subtle pale pink that I really like.

*City Colors Be Matte Blush in shade fresh melon. I was happy to receive this. It is in a shade that works for my skin tone, plus my other blush was broken into a million messy pieces for a while so I was glad to have a new one that is all in one piece.

*Pop Beauty lip gloss in shade peony. It is a pretty color that I will wear, almost a mauve. I always enjoy the Pop Beauty lip products, great pigment and staying power. Also, I really like how the gloss applicator’s handle feels like velvet in your hand, a nice touch.

*IPKN NewYork BB Cream in shade light. It’s sad that even the light shade was too dark for me lol. It will be perfect for summer though when I aspire to be to a shade or two past my normal pale! It also has a really nice, soft scent.

*A tube of liquid eye shadow that unfortunately has no label and I can’t remember what brand it was. It does have the little martini symbol on the cap like the nailtini polishes do so that may be the brand. It is a medium purple shade and stays on all day. I love purple eye shadows since my eyes tend to look more green than blue, it really makes them pop.

The bag was pretty cute this month. A medium shade of pink with a white zipper, The inside lining was pink leopard print.


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Winter Blast

In February we had a snow storm that the local news stations called Winter Blast. It was the most snow that we had seen in the almost five years that we have lived here in the North West. Mister Mister’s work was cancelled and we were snowed in our neighborhood for several days. We took it in stride and had ourselves a staycation. It was filled with snow ball fights, snow angels, snowmen, snowy walks, snow exploring, snow coloring and all things snow related for the five days we were home together.  Winter Blast 2014 will always hold a lot of fun memories for us.       w29 w41 w3 w5 w9 w11 w16 w17 w24 w39 w38 w37 w33 w34 w32 w31 w35 w25 w27 w28 w23 w21 w20 w19 w14 w30 w40 w26 w18 w2