Super Dad


It was a Super Dad Father’s Day for Mister Mister this year.j4 Super Dad and his sidekick!10455357_10201248930665780_2835620731973757168_n10462979_10201248935065890_1073970177796598102_nIt all started with the Super Dad hat I bought for Mister Mister a few months back with the intention to incorporate it into his Father’s Day. The rest grew from the red, yellow and white color scheme of the hat and some ideas I found online. 

Like this that I found on Pinterest. I just filled in the blanks with Lovey’s answers, printed it out and framed it to be a focal point on the Father’s Day table. Lovey’s answers are seriously too sweet. 10428715_10201248931305796_Again, Super Dad and the chosen colors inspired the cake that I made him. A far cry from my best work but I made it last-minute the morning of. 10449904_10201248934505876_9033776056967186727_nThe candy caddy was a big hit with Mister Mister and Lovey both. ;) I repurposed a Starbucks frap four pack with just wrapping paper and alphabet stickers and filled them with lemon and cherry heads, two of Mister Mister’s favs. 10246606_10201248931785808_9214951018334464864_n


Opening gifts before heading to dinner. Such boys, don’t they look comfy?!10384225_10201248935585903_829148970696528420_n

Mister Mister wanted sea food so we tried a new restaurant, Mcgrath’s Fish House. 10359225_10201245037288448_4238386154750114198_n10390971_10201245038128469_1989686706504473359_nBest. Mozzarella Sticks. EVER. Oh and Mister Mister said his food was good too! ;)10373979_10201245037568455_2443508814950504567_n10414480_10201245038408476_2474242293245303901_nCutie digging into his sundae after dinner.10443445_10201245037888463_5170469651482002550_n

A fun Father’s Day and hopefully his best one to date. Lovey and I love him so very much and are thankful to have him as our very own Super Dad. ♥


Ipsy Beauty Rocks


April Ipsy.. Beauty Rocks!

What I received:

*Urban Decay 24/7 velvet black eyeliner. Even though it was only a sample size it was definitely my favorite item of the bag. I’m an Urban Decay girl so this made me happy. 

*Cailyn lip balm in apple pink. I was so excited to get this until I saw what shade I actually received then I was disappointed. I love the style of the applicator and think it’s a really fun lip product I have been anxious to try but I was hoping for red or a real shade of pink. Instead, I received an orange / brown color that I will never wear. I have tried to put it on a few different times just to see if I could talk myself into liking the color each time but I just can’t. I’m hoping to receive another in a future bag in a shade I will actually wear.

*Pop Goes The Shadow in shade Champagne. A nice shade for under my brows and the tear ducts of my eyes. You can never have too much highlighting shadow in reserve so because of that it will eventually get some use.

*Dr.Brandt Microderdabrasion. It was sample size but that’s okay because a little goes a long way. I like that the granulation is extremely fine compared to larger pieces in other kinds that I have tried. I am not a fan of citrus cents which this does have a medium strong scent of. It does a great job of making my face smooth though. I always welcome a new product like this in my bag to throw in the mix in between my usual day-to-day beauty routine. 

*Jasmine scented roll on perfume. I actually really liked this even though I thought I wouldn’t at first glance. I use to have a jasmine bath set when I was really young so every time I smell it, it takes me back to that time in my life. Amazing how strongly our sense of smell is connected to our memory. So because of that it was a good product for me.

The bag itself is cute as it goes along with the theme perfectly but it’s not one that I would use for anything other than adding to my ever-growing ipsy bag collection.



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Following Bliss

I spent Mother’s Day with my boys following our bliss on a road trip through the beautiful mountainside. We stopped here and there along the way to take it all in. I soaked up the moments with my loves, the sunshine, the fresh air, the sound of Lovey’s sweet “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. I love you times a millionhuio

m2IMG_8888My pride and joy.m3m1IMG_8960I love these two and beauty of where we live.m4The day began with flowers, a sweet card and a balloon from them. I’m a sucker for balloons.  And smelly goods, I’m a sucker for those as well. IMG_8896IMG_8902Then the day ended with dinner at Olive Garden and my favorite cheese ravioli in alfredo sauce. Shortly followed by a late evening nap in our bed, Lovey curled up in the middle. Perfection. ♥

* * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mother’s Day was was celebrated between my mom and I through the mail and over the phone. 1,300 miles apart always tugs on the heart-strings a little more on a holiday.

She sent me a card and beautiful keepsake heart.

IMG_8947I sent her some items from her favorite scent 2

All wrapped up with a coordinating cake pop bouquet that I made her. I love wrapping things so elegant and feminine vs my usual wrapping for my 1

Lovey and I made his Grandmas hand print cards from him. There is something innocent about a child’s handprint that always warms the heart.

IMG_8914His hand print folds down to show a picture of little mister . Grandmas were very pleased with his cuteness.IMG_8924Lovey and I celebrated with Mister Mister’s mom a few days later.m15m7m5 I designed and framed a favorite verse of hers for her home. vm8x10She gave me a beautiful hanging basket of purple petunias.m9

 Lots of love this Mother’s Day. ♥

Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥ cmb1   This week I am especially thankful for!…

~Fall inspired weather, rainy and in the low 60’s earlier in the week inspired a round of baking from me including white chocolate almond amaretto bark and toasted coconut almond brownies.

~Lovey is really quite the little gentleman. He is always holding the door for me in stores and restaurants and recently even getting the car door for me as well. chivalry is not dead! I am raising the next generation I hope. His future wife will thank me one day.

~Few things make my domesticated side more happy than freshly shampooed carpets in our home. Love.

~We celebrated Mister Mister’s mom’s birthday with her on Saturday. She came over for a bbq, cake and presents. The weather was perfect out on the patio and then out front where her and I sat as we watched the boys give her car a birthday washing. We love her and we’re grateful to have gotten to spend her special day together.

~Some desperately needed time dedicated to the madness that is our garage from Mister Mister and I. One more step closer to having it even the slightest bit organized. Long term goals include me with a labeler going a little label happy and plastic storage tubs full of decorations organized by holiday. One day soon I hope. One day soon!

~Wrapping up the weekend with my boys, pizza out on the patio and later an ice cream run in our pjs for a quick and cold treat from Wendys to satisfy our sweet tooth… The simplest things with the people you love always make them something extra special. ♥

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!

Ipsy Destination Beauty


My March Ipsy… Destination Beauty!

What I received:

*NYX Love In Rio eye shadow trio. This is “eh.” I seem to receive a lot of neutral eye shadows from Ipsy. My Urban Decay pallets are always my go to for those shades so I don’t see this getting much use. If I didn’t already have a neutral eye shadow routine though this would have definitely came in handy.

*Pixi beauty primer. I would have liked this had it been in a shade I could use. Much too dark for me, even with a summertime tan.

*Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick. I wish this was a full sized tube instead of just a sample because I really like the shade for fall and winter. This is likely the product that will receive the most use out of the entire bag,

*Chella liquid eye liner in in the color blue. I appreciate a liquid eyeliner from Ipsy for a change since I always receive the pencils that have to be sharpened. However, electric blue is not my color by any means. I would have definitely preferred it to be black. Although, I may give it a try sometime when I am feeling feisty! ;)

I was disappointed to receive four products instead of the usual five especially since two of them were only sample sized. The bag was cute though. Fun and playful, perfect for my birthday month!


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